OperaDDS was born from the Mother of Invention – necessity. Started in a bustling dental practice in Minnesota, OperaDDS was created when Dr. Bryan Laskin need a more effective, cost-effective way to communicate with his staff.

Tired of expensive and outdated lightboxes and ineffective and annoying headsets (note – yelling down the hall was never even considered an option), Dr. Laskin created a cloud-based communication software which could be used from devices he already had in his practice. Once PAGER was born, his office production increased 37%; an increase he credits to his patented customizable checklist messaging, one-touch paging, and his bonus system (more on that here).

Dr. Laskin then recognized the improvements internal communication had on Lake Minnetonka Dental’s quality of care and increased production could be applied to any dental practices external communicationwith his patients,referring docs and labs. When RECARE and CHORUS were launched, OperaDDS became dentistry’s complete communication solution, and its simplicity and affordablity have lead to an explosiving community of securely communicating professionals.

Offering HIPAA-compliant email and case collaboration, simple patient recall and an intra-office messaging which delivers the information you actually need, OperaDDS has proven to be the most progressive and most compliant communication software, while remaining the most intuitive and most affordable.

Bryan Laskin, DDS
President, CEO, Resident Techy

Favorite Device to Use OperaDDS:
Apple Watch

Favorite Feature:
Custom Checklist Messaging. I love knowing what to expect about the patient before I ever walk into the room. It allows me to walk in the operatory with a solution to the patient’s chief complaint, without the staff member ever leaving the patient’s side!

Something You Didn’t Know:
Bryan takes innovation very seriously. He’s a member of multiple groups dedicated to technology breakthroughs. He’s even pow-wowed with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island while brainstorming and refining Prehensile Software products.

Bryan can help orchestrate the rhythm of your office. Check out his articles and media appearance and download his speaker packet if you’d like him to speak at your event.

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