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Get Compliant

Chances are your dental practice is not compliant with email communications, nor are your colleagues, partners, or labs. The reality is, HIPAA regulations don't have to hurt your business. Stop worrying about violations with our secure email system.

Make Work Easy

If your staff isn't focused on improving internal communication on a daily basis, you're throwing money away. Start thinking like a business owner, not just a dentist. Our intra-office communication system boosts productivity and case acceptance. We guarantee it.

Grow Your Practice

Dental practices are either growing or dying. The days of simply maintaining a lifestyle practice are over. Attract and retain new patients with our messaging and recall system – then turn them into advocates for your practice through online reviews.

OperaDDS Explained
"With OperaDDS we can exchange information
through a user friendly platform that rids us of the traditional communication systems that more often than not, fail. I used to think that communication was the weak link in our office; OperaDDS has definitely changed this."
Renee Camara, DDS Periodontist
"I really love all the features of OperaDDS. The recare messages are customizable and very easy to manage, and also the "Action Required" tab makes it so easy to reach out to patients and work with them for whatever concerns they have. The Pager system in office is awesome. We are loving it!"
Dr. Grace Chung, DDS

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Let us show you how OperaDDS can deliver security, profit, and growth for your dental practice.

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